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Table 1 Distribution of TKI-associated VAEs and other relevant toxicities, among the various TKIs in CML

From: Tyrosine kinase inhibitor associated vascular toxicity in chronic myeloid leukemia

  Imatinib Nilotinib Dasatinib Bosutinib Ponatinib
PAOD   ++   +/− ++
IHD/CVA   +    +
VTE      +
Pulmonary hypertension    +   
Platelet dysfunction    +   +
Hypertension     + ++
Hyperglycemia a +    
Dyslipidemia a +    
  1. CVA cerebrovascular accident, IHD ischemic heart disease, PAOD peripheral arterial occlusive disease, TKI tyrosine kinase inhibitor, VAE vascular adverse event, VTE venous thrombo-embolism
  2. aImatinib has been shown to have positive effects on glucose blood levels, as well as lipid profile (See text for details)