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Table 2 Drug-drug interactions and predicted plasma levels of antiarrhythmics and targeted cancer therapies

From: Management of atrial fibrillation in patients taking targeted cancer therapies

  Vaughan Williams Class 1a 1b 1c 2 3 4 Misc.
   Quin-idine Diso-pyra-mide Procai-namide Lido-caine Mexil-etine Flec-ainide Propa-fenone Meto-prolol Aten-olol Carve-dilol Labe-talol Propr-anolol Nad-olol Pind-olol Sotalol Dofet-ilide Ibut-ilide Amio-darone Drone-darone Diltia-zem Verap-amil Digo-xin
Afatinib TA D          TA D   T D A      TA D T D B TA D B
Axitinib                    T* T* T*  
Bosutinib T Q Q    Q Q    T   T A   Q Q Q T T T T A
Cabozantinib A          A    A      TA T* T* T* A
Ceritinib Q Q Q T   Q B/Q B B B B B B B B/Q Q Q B/Q A/B/Q* B* B* B
Crizotinib Q Q Q A   Q A/Q B B TA/B B TA/B A/B B Q Q Q Q Q TA/B TA/B A/B
Dasatinib A/Q A/Q Q A   Q Q    A   A    Q A/Q Q A/Q TA/Q* TA* TA* A
Erlotinib                   T/D T* T* T D  
Gefitinib T        A           T T T T  
Ibrutinib A          A    A      TA T/D TA/D TA* A
Imatinib TA A   A    A A   TA   TA A    A   TA TA TA TA A
Lapatinib TA/Q Q Q    Q Q    TA   T A   Q A/Q Q TA/Q T/Q* TA* TA* A
Lenvatinib Q Q Q    Q Q    T   T    Q Q Q Q Q T T  
Nilotinib Q Q Q A A Q Q A   TA   TA A A Q Q Q Q Q* TA* TA* A
Osimertinib Q Q Q A A A/Q A/Q    TA   TA    Q Q Q Q Q TA TA A
Pazopanib T/Q Q Q    Q Q A   T   T    Q Q Q T/Q T/Q* T* T*  
Ponatinib T/A          TA   T A      TA T* TA* TA* A
Regorafenib A        B B A/B B B A/B B B    A/B T/B TA/B TA/B A/B
Ruxolitinib        B B B B B B B B B    B T/B* T/B* T/B* B
Sorafenib A/Q Q Q A   Q Q    A      Q Q Q Q T/Q TA TA  
Sunitinib A/Q Q Q    Q Q    A    A   Q Q Q A/Q T/Q* TA* TA* A
Vandetanib Q Q Q    Q Q    A    A   Q Q Q Q Q TA TA A
  1. Drug-drug interactions are predicted based on pharmacokinetics, given the limited data available from patient studies
  2. Underlined = "Alter combination" Bold = "Combination is contraindicated"