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Table 2 Characteristics of Cross-over patients

From: Detection of subclinical cardiotoxicity in sarcoma patients receiving continuous doxorubicin infusion or pre-treatment with dexrazoxane before bolus doxorubicin

PatientContinuous infusionDexrazoxaneReason for cross-over
1Cycle 1Cycle 2–4Severe hemorrhoids
2Cycle 1–3Cycle 4Mucositis
3Cycle 1–6Cycle 7–8Concerns for cardiac toxicity
4Cycle 1–3Cycle 4–6Mucositis
5Cycle 1–2Cycle 3–4Mucositis
6Cycle 1–6Cycle 7–8Concerns for cardiac toxicity
7Cycle 1–2Cycle 3–6Mucositis
8Cycle 1–3Cycle 4–6Mucositis
9Cycle 1–3Cycle 4–6Rectal irritation
10Cycle 1–2Cycle 3–6Septic Shock
  1. Continuous infusion: doxorubicin 75 mg/m2 for 72 h
  2. Dexrazoxane: dexrazoxane 750 mg/m2 followed by doxorubicin 75 mg/m2 over 15 min