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Table 1 Clinical characteristics in hospitalized malignant cancer patients with and without severe ALQTS

From: Hospitalized cancer patients with acquired long QT syndrome-a matched case-control study

ECG and clinical aspectsALQTS
(n = 150)
(n = 293)
p value
Age (years)62 ± 1362 ± 130.331
 Heart Failure6.7%0.7%<  0.001
 Renal Insufficiency5.3%2.7%0.165
 Infection21.3%5.1%<  0.001
 Type 2 mellitus16.0%9.6%0.046
 Neurologic diseases10.7%3.4%0.002
 Anemia12.0%1.4%<  0.001
ECG Data
Heart rate (bpm)88 ± 1772 ± 12<  0.001
QTc (ms) φ520 (20)422 (18)<  0.001
Laboratory Test
 Hypokalemia31.7%5.2%< 0.001
 Hypocalcemia22.7%4.9%<  0.001
QT-prolonging drugs31.3%6.8%<  0.001
Chemotherapeutic drugs
 Anti-microtubule agents36%28%0.084
 Alkylating agents29.1%17.7%0.215
 Arsenic trioxide2%1.4%0.612
  1. Values are expressed as mean ± SD or median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated. φ Median (inter-quartile range) is shown. Abbreviations: ALQTS acquired long QT syndrome, ECG electrocardiograph