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Table 2 Clinical factors associated with QT prolongation in hospitalized cancer patients*

From: Hospitalized cancer patients with acquired long QT syndrome-a matched case-control study

VariablesOR (95%CI)p value
Hypertension2.433 (1.319–4.489)0.004
Infection3.456 (1.471–8.121)0.004
Anemia4.879 (1.325–17.961)0.017
Hypokalemia6.271 (3.007–13.080)<  0.001
Hypocalcemia2.360 (1.028–5.445)0.043
QT-prolonging drugs5.083 (2.544–10.155)<  0.001
Anti-microtubule agents2.857 (1.658–4.925)< 0.001
  1. *Using multiple logistic regression analysis. Abbreviations: OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval