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Table 1 Characteristics of the Cohort

From: Increased C-reactive protein is associated with the severity of thoracic radiotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy

VariablesMedian [IQR] or N (%)
Age, years63 [59–66]
Female, n (%)15 (60%)
Caucasian, n (%)16 (64%)
African-American, n (%)9 (36%)
Body mass index, kg/m226.4 [22.6–30.2]
Cancer Type
 Lung15 (60%)
 Breast10 (40%)
Time since Cancer Diagnosis, years2.4 [1.1–3.9]
Prior chemotherapy21 (84%)
Time since completion of chemotherapy, years1.5 [0.5–3.0]
Time since completion of Radiotherapy, years1.8 [0.4–3.6]
Hormonal modulating therapy
(Breast cancer only)
7 (28%)
MCRD, Gy5.4 [3.7–14.7]
C-reactive protein, mg/L3.0 [1.7–6.9]
%APMHR93 [78–102]
LVEF, %52 [47–61]
Doppler echo e’ velocity (cm/sec)7.6 [7.0–9.6]
Delta LVOT VTI CO (L/min)1.6 [1.5–1.9]
  1. Data are listed as n (%) or median (interquartile range). Abbreviations: kg/m2 Kilograms per meter squared, MCRD Mean cardiac radiation dose, Gy Gray units, mg/L Milligrams per liter, %APMHR Percentage of age-predicted maximal heart rate, LVEF Left-ventricular ejection fraction, e’ Doppler early diastolic mitral annular velocity, cm/sec Centimeters per second, LVOT VTI CO Left-ventricular outflow tract velocity time integral cardiac output with exercise, L/min Liters per minute.