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  1. Trastuzumab treatment for salivary gland, gastric, and breast cancer commonly causes cancer treatment-related cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD). CTRCD incidence by sex has not been well studied.

    Authors: Yudai Tamura, Yuichi Tamura and Yuichiro Tada
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:44
  2. Cancer therapy-related cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD) is a dreaded complication of anthracycline therapy. CTRCD most frequently appears in patients with cardiovascular risk factors (CVR) or known cardiovascular d...

    Authors: Fabian Voß, Fabian Nienhaus, Saskia Pietrucha, Eugen Ruckhäberle, Tanja Fehm, Tobias Melz, Mareike Cramer, Sebastian M. Haberkorn, Ulrich Flögel, Ralf Westenfeld, Daniel Scheiber, Christian Jung, Malte Kelm, Amin Polzin and Florian Bönner
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:43
  3. The therapeutic landscape of chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) has been transformed by tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI). Nilotinib, showed higher rates of major molecular response than imatinib, however associat...

    Authors: Fiona Fernando, Maria Sol Andres, Simone Claudiani, Nazanin Zounemat Kermani, Giulia Ceccarelli, Andrew J. Innes, Afzal Khan, Stuart D. Rosen, Jane F. Apperley, Alexander R. Lyon and Dragana Milojkovic
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:42
  4. Cardiac troponin is commonly raised in patients presenting with malignancy. The prognostic significance of raised troponin in these patients is unclear.

    Authors: Nathan A. Samuel, Alistair Roddick, Ben Glampson, Abdulrahim Mulla, Jim Davies, Dimitri Papadimitriou, Vasileios Panoulas, Erik Mayer, Kerrie Woods, Anoop D. Shah, Sanjay Gautama, Paul Elliott, Harry Hemmingway, Bryan Williams, Folkert W. Asselbergs, Narbeh Melikian…
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:41
  5. The anthracycline doxorubicin (DOX) is a highly effective anticancer agent, especially in breast cancer and lymphoma. However, DOX can cause cancer therapy-related cardiovascular toxicity (CTR-CVT) in patients...

    Authors: Dustin N. Krüger, Matthias Bosman, Charles X.L. Van Assche, Callan D. Wesley, Berta Cillero-Pastor, Leen Delrue, Ward Heggermont, Jozef Bartunek, Guido R. Y. De Meyer, Emeline M. Van Craenenbroeck, Pieter-Jan Guns and Constantijn Franssen
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:40
  6. Doxorubicin (DXR) is an effective chemotherapeutic agent. DOX-induced cardiomyopathy (DICM), a major limitation of DXR, is a complication with limited treatment options. We previously reported that Red Ginseng...

    Authors: Naoki Yoshikawa, Naoto Hirata, Yuichiro Kurone and Sadahiko Shimoeda
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:39
  7. The effects of exercise in patients with breast cancer (BC), has shown some profit, but consistency and magnitude of benefit remains unclear. We aimed to conduct a meta-analysis to assess the benefits of varyi...

    Authors: Naser Yamani, Aymen Ahmed, Mohammad Khan, Zachary Wilson, Muteia Shakoor, Syeda Fizza Qadri, Samuel Unzek, Marc Silver and Farouk Mookadam
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:38
  8. The use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) for the treatment of lung cancer may precipitate cardiotoxic events. We aimed to perform a meta-analysis to evaluate the cardiotoxicity associated with ICIs in pa...

    Authors: Naser Yamani, Aymen Ahmed, Gabriel Ruiz, Amraha Zubair, Fariha Arif and Farouk Mookadam
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:37
  9. The landscape of cancer survivorship is increasingly populated by individuals facing a spectrum of cardiometabolic risks, attributed to both their oncological history and treatment regimens. This manuscript sy...

    Authors: Arif Albulushi, Aisha Al Balushi, Muhhamed Shahzad, Ismail Al Bulushi and Hatim Al Lawati
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:36
  10. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs)-associated myocarditis was a rare yet severe complication observed in individuals undergoing immunotherapy. This study investigated the immune status and characteristics of ...

    Authors: Peng Yan, Yanan Liu, Mingyan Zhang, Ning Liu, Yawen Zheng, Haiqin Zhang, Hao Zhou and Meili Sun
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:35
  11. To understand how body composition in those with elevated body mass index impacts left ventricular function decline during cancer treatment, we determined the association between baseline body mass index (BMI)...

    Authors: Leila Mabudian, Kerry Reding, Ralph B. D’Agostino Jr, Emily M. Heiston, Moriah P. Bellissimo, Kristine Olson, William O. Ntim, Heidi D. Klepin, Emily V. Dressler, Tonya Moore, Jennifer H. Jordan, Nathaniel S. O’Connell, Amy Ladd, Kathryn E. Weaver, Bonnie Ky, Lynne I. Wagner…
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:34
  12. First generation Bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitors (BTKi) such as ibrutinib have been associated with cardiovascular toxicities. Newer generation BTKi (e.g.,acalabrutinib and zanabrutinib) have been associated...

    Authors: Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni, Srinath Adusumalli, Jingyi Wu, Peter W. Groeneveld, James Gerson and Rupal P. O’Quinn
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:33
  13. Cardiotoxicity is a recognized complication in breast cancer (BC) patients undergoing chemotherapy with anthracyclines with or without trastuzumab. However, the prognostic value of heart rate variability (HRV)...

    Authors: Santiago Luna-Alcala, Adrián Espejel-Guzmán, Claudia Lerma, Paula Leon, Enrique C. Guerra, Jose Rodrigo Espinosa Fernández, Pavel Martinez-Dominguez, Javier Serrano-Roman, Aldo Cabello-Ganem, Alexis D. Aparicio-Ortiz, Candace Keirns, Abel Lerma, Maria Jose Santa Ana-Bayona and Nilda Espinola-Zavaleta
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:32
  14. Cardiac tamponade as the presenting manifestation of systemic lymphoma is relatively uncommon. Pericardium is the commonest site of involvement in secondary malignancies with systemic lymphoma involving the he...

    Authors: Wei Juan Lim, Neerusha Kaisbain, Rafidah Abu Bakar, Hafidz Abd Hadi and Ahmad Khairuddin Mohamed Yusof
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:31
  15. Atrial myxomas are typically found in the left atrium and are the most common among overall rare cardiac tumors. Herein, we describe the clinical course of a 72-year-old female with non-small cell lung adenoca...

    Authors: Prince Otchere, Stella Pak, Juan Ulloa-Rodriguez, Maria Fierro, Aditi Sharma, Tevonne Poku, Brandon Kofi-Obeng, Eric Yang and Keerthi Thallapureddy
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:30
  16. Despite the growing use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) in cancer treatment, data regarding ICI-associated pericardial disease are primarily derived from case reports and case series. ICI related pericar...

    Authors: Sarah E. Mudra, Danny L. Rayes, Ankit Agrawal, Ashwin K. Kumar, Jason Z. Li, Meredith Njus, Kevin McGowan, Kazi A. Kalam, Charalompos Charalampous, Mary Schleicher, Muhammad Majid, Alvena Syed, Abdullah Yesilyaprak and Allan L. Klein
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:29
  17. Breast cancer survivors are disproportionately at risk for cardiovascular disease; exercise-based interventions may improve cardiovascular health. The objective of this formative research is to better understa...

    Authors: Alison Chang, Alisa Boyd, Ivan Leung, Evelin Trejo, Niharika Dixit, Jaya Mallidi, Sithu Win and Alexis L. Beatty
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:28
  18. Breast cancer is estimated to comprise about 290,560 new cases in 2022. Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are recommended as adjuvant treatment for estrogen-receptor positive (ER+) breast carcinoma in postmenopausal ...

    Authors: Adnan Shaaban, Ashley Petersen, Heather Beckwith, Natalia Florea, David A. Potter, Douglas Yee, Rachel I. Vogel, Daniel Duprez and Anne H. Blaes
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:27
  19. Variants in cardiomyopathy genes have been identified in patients with cancer therapy-related cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD), suggesting a genetic predisposition for the development of CTRCD. The diagnostic yield...

    Authors: Hanne M. Boen, Maaike Alaerts, Inge Goovaerts, Johan B. Saenen, Constantijn Franssen, Anne Vorlat, Tom Vermeulen, Hein Heidbuchel, Lut Van Laer, Bart Loeys and Emeline M. Van Craenenbroeck
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:26
  20. Non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis (NBTE) is a rare condition marked by sterile vegetations on cardiac valves, often linked to rheumatologic diseases, autoimmune disorders, and advanced solid malignancies. ...

    Authors: Fabiana Duarte, Maria Inês Barradas, Ana Raquel Dias, Carlos Faria, Carina Machado and Carolina Pavão
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:25
  21. Anthracyclines can cause left ventricular (LV) dysfunction. There is little data about right ventricular (RV) damage during chemotherapy.

    Authors: Ludovico Rossetto, Daniela Di Lisi, Cristina Madaudo, Francesco Paolo Sinagra, Antonio Di Palermo, Oreste Fabio Triolo, Grazia Gambino, Antonella Ortello, Alfredo Ruggero Galassi and Giuseppina Novo
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:24
  22. Panitumumab is a human immunoglobulin monoclonal antibody designed to target the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) which is used in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer alone or in combination w...

    Authors: Isabelle Senechal, Nikolaos Vogiatzakis, Maria Sol Andres, Jieli Tong, Sivatharshini Ramalingam, Stuart D Rosen, Alexander R Lyon and Muhummad Sohaib Nazir
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:23
  23. Oral cancer therapy-related cardiovascular (CV) toxicity has a wide variety of presentations including arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, and myocardial infarction, but clinical evidence related to its management is ...

    Authors: Karen Abboud, Godsfavour Umoru, Barry Trachtenberg and Veronica Ajewole
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:22
  24. Cardiovascular complications related to cancer therapies are broad and variable in onset. These complications are the leading cause of non-cancer related morbidity and mortality in childhood cancer survivors a...

    Authors: Nathanya Baez Hernandez, Ksenya Shliakhtsitsava, Drishti Tolani, Cindy Cochran, Ryan Butts, Judith Bonifacio, Elizabeth Journey, Jenna N. Oppenheim, Sarah G. Pennant, Kimberly Arnold, Terri McCaskill and Daniel C. Bowers
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:20
  25. Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) is a hematological malignancy that affects both children and young adults. Traditional treatment is associated with a life-time prevalence of cardiac disease exceeding 50%. In the late ...

    Authors: Anders W Bjerring, Knut HB Smeland, Thomas Stokke, Kristina H Haugaa, Espen Holte, Assami Rösner, Cecilie E Kiserud, Thor Edvardsen and Sebastian Imre Sarvari
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:19
  26. Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T (CAR-T) cell infusion is a rapidly evolving antitumor therapy; however, cardiovascular (CV) complications, likely associated with cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and systemic inflam...

    Authors: Massimiliano Camilli, Marcello Viscovo, Tamara Felici, Luca Maggio, Federico Ballacci, Giacomo Carella, Alice Bonanni, Priscilla Lamendola, Lorenzo Tinti, Antonio Di Renzo, Giulia Coarelli, Eugenio Galli, Giovanna Liuzzo, Francesco Burzotta, Rocco Antonio Montone, Federica Sorà…
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:18
  27. Cardiovascular (CV) disease is a leading cause of death in breast cancer (BC) patients due to the increased age and treatments. While individual β-blockers have been investigated to manage CV complications, va...

    Authors: Mantasha Tabassum, Soumya G. Chikermane, Camille Johnson, Noor M. Abdulkareem, Elisabeth M. Wang, Michael L. Johnson and Meghana V. Trivedi
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:17
  28. Trastuzumab is one of the most effective treatments in HER-2 positive breast cancer patients. However, it is associated with development of cardiomyopathy/heart failure (HF) which is often a limiting side effe...

    Authors: Azin Alizadehasl, Mina Mohseni, Kamran Roudini and Parisa Firoozbakhsh
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:16
  29. Contemporary radiotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer is effective in targeting tumor tissue while limiting heart exposure, yet cardiac toxicity still occurs, often becoming clinically apparent years late...

    Authors: Georgia Thomas, Elisabeth Weiss, Marco Giuseppe Del Buono, Francesco Moroni, Josh West, Rachel Myers, Emily Kontos, Michele Golino, Antonio Abbate and Justin M. Canada
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:15
  30. Long-term anti-HER2 therapy in metastatic HER2 + cancers is increasing, but data about the incidence and risk factors for developing late Cancer therapy-related cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD) are missing. We cond...

    Authors: Isabelle Senechal, Maria Sol Andres, Jieli Tong, Ylenia Perone, Sivatharshini Ramalingam, Muhummad Sohaib Nazir, Stuart D Rosen, Nicholas Turner, Alistair Ring and Alexander R Lyon
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:14
  31. Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of mortality worldwide. Although the incidence of cancer is rising, modern comprehensive management including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy led ...

    Authors: Ahmed A. Fawzy, Khaled A. El-Menyawi, Walid M. Sallam and Mohamed E. Zahran
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:13
  32. Capecitabine, a pro-drug of 5-fluorouracil, is commonly used in the treatment of breast and colorectal cancer. Its side effects, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, loss of appetite, and bone marrow...

    Authors: Maciej Kabat, Roma Padalkar, Sara Hazaveh, Vladimir Joseph, David Feigenblum and Sean Sadikot
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:11
  33. Cardiotoxicity is one of the most common adverse events of the chemotherapy. Physical exercise was shown to be cardioprotective. We aim to estimate the efficacy and safety of exercise in cancer patients receiv...

    Authors: Ahmed Mazen Amin, Yehya Khlidj, Mohamed Abuelazm, Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Mohammad Tanashat, Muhammad Imran, Abubakar Nazir, Hosam Shaikhkhalil and Basel Abdelazeem
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:10
  34. The hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) procedure is considered a cardiovascular burden. This is due to the potentially cardiotoxic cytostatic agents used before and the risks associated with peri-t...

    Authors: Bartosz Puła, Jarosław Kępski, Irena Misiewicz-Krzemińska and Sebastian Szmit
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:9
  35. This article provides an up-to-date overview of pericardial effusion in oncological practice and a guidance on its management. Furthermore, it addresses the question of when malignancy should be suspected in c...

    Authors: S. Mori, M. Bertamino, L. Guerisoli, S. Stratoti, C. Canale, P Spallarossa, I. Porto and P. Ameri
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:8
  36. Thoracic radiotherapy may damage the myocardium and arteries, increasing cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. Women with a high local breast cancer (BC) recurrence risk may receive an additional radiation boost ...

    Authors: Yvonne Koop, Femke Atsma, Marilot C.T. Batenburg, Hanneke Meijer, Femke van der Leij, Roxanne Gal, Sanne G.M. van Velzen, Ivana Išgum, Hester Vermeulen, Angela H.E.M. Maas, Saloua El Messaoudi and Helena M. Verkooijen
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:7
  37. Different breast cancer pharmacotherapy agents cause different forms of cardiovascular toxicity. We aim to assess if breast cancer pharmacotherapy trials approach cardiovascular safety in a targeted or general...

    Authors: Arsalan Hamid, Gregg C. Fonarow, Javed Butler and Michael E. Hall
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:6
  38. Authors: Jian Chu, Lillian Tung, Issam Atallah, Changli Wei, Melody Cobleigh, Ruta Rao, Steven B. Feinstein, Lydia Usha, Kathrin Banach, Jochen Reiser and Tochukwu M. Okwuosa
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:5

    The original article was published in Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:3

  39. Soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor is an inflammatory biomarker that may prognosticate cardiovascular outcomes. We sought to determine the associations between soluble urokinase plasminogen activ...

    Authors: Jian Chu, Lillian Tung, Issam Atallah, Changli Wei, Melody Cobleigh, Ruta Rao, Steven B. Feinstein, Lydia Usha, Kathrin Banach, Jochen Reiser and Tochukwu M. Okwuosa
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:3

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:5

  40. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have revolutionized the prognosis of cancer. Diabetes mellitus (DM) has been shown to have a negative effect on patients treated with ICIs. Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 in...

    Authors: Moran Gvili Perelman, Rafael Y. Brzezinski, Barliz Waissengrin, Yasmin Leshem, Or Bainhoren, Tammi Arbel Rubinstein, Maxim Perelman, Zach Rozenbaum, Ofer Havakuk, Yan Topilsky, Shmuel Banai, Ido Wolf and Michal Laufer-Perl
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:2
  41. CT- coronary calcium score, is one of the most studied and widely available modalities in cardiovascular medicine. Coronary artery calcium score (CACS) is an established predictor of coronary artery disease. T...

    Authors: Sinal Patel, Francisco X. Franco, Malcolm McDonald, Carlos Rivera, Bernardo Perez-Villa, Patrick Collier, Rohit Moudgil, Neha Gupta and Diego B. Sadler
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:1
  42. Early identification of patients susceptible to chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity could lead to targeted treatment to reduce cardiac dysfunction. Rats treated with doxorubicin (DOX), a chemotherapeutic agent...

    Authors: Julia Matzenbacher dos Santos, Aby Joiakim, David A. Putt, Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie and Hyesook Kim
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:47
  43. Modern oncological therapies together with chemotherapy and radiotherapy have broadened the agents that can cause cardiac sequelae, which can manifest for pediatric oncology patients while on active treatment....

    Authors: Claudia Toro, Ben Felmingham, Mangesh Jhadav, David S. Celermajer, Andre La Gerche, John O’Sullivan, Sanjeev Kumar, Marion K. Mateos, Joy Fulbright, Dinisha Govender, Lane Collier, Michael Cheung, David D. Eisenstat, Peter W. Lange, Julian Ayer, David A. Elliott…
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:45
  44. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) and Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) are effective for several types of cancers, but they can have several cardiotoxicity sides effects. We present a case of TKI-ICI toxicity...

    Authors: Juan Del Cid Fratti, Vijayasree Paleru, Madhuri Bajaj and Chetan Bhardwaj
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:44

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:4

  45. Asymptomatic childhood cancer survivors (CCS) frequently show decreased exercise performance. Poor exercise performance may indicate impaired future cardiovascular health.

    Authors: Takeshi Tsuda, Kimberly Davidow, Gina D’Aloisio and Joanne Quillen
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:42

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